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La Truciolara is my workshop where I make a lot of shavings. It is a formation centre for learning how to use a lathe and a jigsaw

This centre is hosted by the didactic fruit farm of Monte Vento, located in an beautiful natural environment, close to fantastic locations such as Verona .

La Truciolara is open to all those who, like me, want to explore, develop or improve their skills in two passions: woodturning, and jig sawing.

You will be welcomed by a master wood turner, passionate and willing to share with you, in all simplicity and friendship his own passions.

While you will be learning how to use a number of tools, we shall try to satisfy each of your personal requirements.

Follow us and share your experience


tel./fax +39 045 98 95 43 - infor@la-truciolara.com