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We receive a maximum of 6 persons at a time to be able to help them individually

The Hegner jigsaws, a complete set of instruments and all the necessary wood are part of the professional material that we make available to each guest who will be going back home with his own production. A small leaflet, helping to memorise the woodturning techniques , will be given to each participant at the end of the course.

Tuition fee per person: 580 €

Accommodations available on site.

Women, men, young people and some less young are always astonished when they look with love at the pieces they have made.

Jigsaw workshop: 5 days

During this workshop you will learn how to best use a jigsaw, making objects such as:

- puzzles
- frames
- decorative objects
- wooden animals
- rocking horses
… and many other pieces.

Going back home you will be proud of your own production!

S O R R Y ! ! !

our jigsaw courses are stopped.

tel./fax +39 045 98 95 43 - infor@la-truciolara.com